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Choose your pickup location, drop-off, confirm the details and mark down parcel numbers on the items you want delivery, enter payment details and Sendit! Expect our driver to show up shortly and pick up your items. Once you register we will help you make the process even faster by pre- filling certain fields, allowing reordering and giving you stickers with already printed parcel numbers.

We focus on fast and reliable document and small parcel delivery. We take items up to 20kg or 40x40x40cm.

We limit the total number of separate items per drop-off address at five. However, if you want to deliver a number of documents to a single address you can package them together and we will consider it to be a single item.

We do not facilitate any illegal business or transport dangerous and illegal items.

We pass on the client’s request to a number of motorcycle drivers that are looking for some extra work and assist them in making the delivery. We then take care of the payments between you and driver as well.

Sorry, we do not provide packaging services but our staff can advise you on appropriate packaging. Please also note that all items are insured up to THB 5000.

Yes, you can simply set the desired date and time and submit your order.

It is possible that during peak hours there are not enough available drivers in your area. Be assured that our customer service is working to find a driver for you. If in urgent need of support please call our contact center so that we can work in servicing you faster.

First, we rarely lose anything, because we track all the items all the time. However, if something does happen Sendit insures your items up to 5,000THB. For very valuable items we provide you an option to increase the insurance cover. As soon as we learn that a problem has occurred we will notify you and agree on how we fix it.

We currently cover the Bangkok area, but check in soon and we might have a wider coverage.

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